2020 Board of Directors Election

The election for the 2020/2021 Board of Directors of the Selkirk College Students’ Union is on!

Why vote?

If you are a student at Selkirk College (in any courses besides Community Education & Workplace Training), then you are a member of the Selkirk College Students’ Union. Your Students’ Union advocates for you to the college, the community, and the local, provincial, and federal governments. We campaign — and as an organization, we exist — to make education more equitable, affordable, accessible, and beneficial for our members: both within the college, and within the broader community as well.

The Board of Directors is elected by members, from among members, to represent and serve members. The Board of your Students’ Union determines policy and direction of the organization: Those whom you elect determine what will be said and done by your organization, on your behalf, in your name.

How and when can I vote?

Because most students this year are attending online, the election is being run online. A unique link for voting has been sent to your Selkirk College student email or your personal email. Please check both. (More information about Selkirk students’ email can be found here.) The election begins on Tuesday, September 29 at 4:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), and ends on Friday, October 2 at 4:30 PM PDT. All votes cast between those time, and only those votes, will count.

Be an informed voter: get to know the candidates

There are sixteen candidates for eleven positions on the Board of the Students’ Union. Each candidate’s name links to their campaign statement. Candidates are listed in order.

More information

The Selkirk College Students’ Union (SCSU) is the society of current Selkirk College students. As a society under the BC Societies Act, we are directed by a Board of Directors, all of whom are among our members. As a representative of students under the BC College and Institute Act, all of are members are current students of Selkirk College.

All students currently enrolled in Academic Upgrading and Development, Business, Degree, Diploma, Environment and Geomatics, Fine and Performing Arts, Health and Human Services, Hospitality and Tourism, Industry and Trades, University Transfer, and other full programs are members. SCSU represents, advocates, and campaigns for members’ benefit, and provides services to help members get the most equitable opportunity while they are members.

SCSU is a nonprofit society, independent from the College. We are directed by members, for members. To distinguish it from a similarly named group, we refer to our Board of Directors as the Executive Committee. Our Executive Committee is separate from the College’s Board of Governors, and also from its Education Council. Any member can run for election to the Executive Committee, and it is every member’s right to elect Directors from among the candidates. The election begins one day after the candidate application period ends.

There are eleven positions for Directors of the Selkirk College Students’ Union, elected annually. Members may vote for as few as one candidate, for as many as eleven, or for any amount in between. The eleven candidates who receive the most votes, validly cast by members through our online election system during the election period, are elected and become the next Executive Committee.