Diljot Singh

Campaign Statement for 2020 SCSU Election

My name is Diljot Singh. I am hereby writing why I am interested in the Selkirk College Students’ Union.

Firstly, this position belongs to a person who can overcome the various difficulties regarding studies through his or her experiences. As far as my past years are concerned, I handled some hard times in my life especially while I came to Canada for my higher studies. This position would give me opportunities to share my experience with others to overcome the same problems. I was head boy of my school, Army Public School, back in India. I have certain qualities such as team oriented, communication skills, and many more to run this title.

Furthermore, there are certain titles I earned, which are very beneficial for me for this position such as I got a scholarship from Selkirk College for my excellence. I have earned so many rewards such as Don and Marcia Wilson Writing award, Selkirk College Employee Scholarship and many more.

Lastly, I would be very thankful to you for giving me the opportunity to work on the problems of local and international students as well. Anytime, I love to hear regarding any problem.

Thank you.

Diljot Singh