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Green Shield Student Coverage

Following a successful referendum of members, the students’ union implemented a comprehensive and mandatory extended health and dental benefits plan for full-time students, and under the age of 65. Like other plans at universities and colleges around the country, our plan provides extended coverage for prescription drugs, paramedical services, and dental work, along with travel insurance, accidental death and dismemberment coverage and other coverage tailored to students.

For full details on what your plan covers and how it works see our Extended Health and Dental page.

If you have questions contact the students’ union office at 250-365-1262, or Green Shield Student Centre 1-888-711-1119.  You can also email healthanddental@selkirkstudents.ca.


How to: Register and Make Claims

Opt-Out Step by Step Instructions

Opt-Out Form

Add Dependents

Coverage Booklet

Green Shield Coverage Booklet


isic cardInternational Student Identity Card

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only internationally recognized proof of full-time student status. Each year students’ union representatives work with businesses to provide Selkirk College students with discounts. The ISIC gets you access to exclusive discounts in the local community, abroad and online. For more information about discounts, go to ISIC Canada.

As part of your membership in the British Columbia Federation of Students, you can apply for your card for free; non-members must pay 20 dollars for the card. If you would like to get your free ISIC please come by the students’ union office on your campus.

Check out all the local student discounts available on our discounts map, or download the app to search all the discounts in Canada the card offers here.

Map of ISIC discounts

List of Discounts


Students’ Union Services

As part of efforts to improve the academic experience of members, the students’ union
operates a long list of services. Services do everything from improving campus life to
making your educational experience more affordable.

In addition to the services listed below, the Union Executive is always looking for
opportunities to do more for members. If you have an idea for a service that you think the
Local should consider operating send an email to questions@selkirkstudents.ca or stop
by our office to speak to a students’ union representative.

Scholarship and Bursaries

Your students’ union’s founding principles recognize the financial hardship students face
to go to school. Financial barriers affect students, and we all want to do something about
it. For several years, the students’ union has invested money into awards for students that
are members of the students’ union.
The students’ union offers the following awards:

SCSU Scholarship
SCSU Bursary
SCSU International Bursary (for international students only)

These awards are capped at $500 per student.
If you are interested in applying for these awards, stop by the Financial Aid office in the
Administration Building on the Castlegar Campus to pick up an application.

Appeal Advocacy

Generally, the student experience at Selkirk College is a good one. However, on occasion
students disagree with decisions made by the University or faculty members. If you are
facing a situation where you feel the wrong decision has been made and you would like
to access the appeals mechanisms in place at Selkirk College, the students’ union can
often provide an advocate who can guide you through the institutional appeals process.
Over the past five years, the students’ union has supported students through grade
appeals, disciplinary action sought by the College, and other matters that have arisen
between students’ union members and the College. To setup a meeting with an advocate,
email questions@selkirkstudents.ca, call the students’ union at 250-365-1262, or stop
by the students’ union’s office.

Cost Saving Services

Jumper Cables
If your car battery is drained while on campus, come into the students’ union office and
pick up jumper cables.


Each year the Canadian Federation of Students negotiates with UFile.ca to offer FREE
tax filing for all students in Canada. To access this service, check out the UFile website at

Condoms and Safer Sex Materials
Partnering with ANKORS, we provide free safer sex materials outside our offices and in our lounges.

Recreation Services

Games Library

We have a range of board games which students can sign out.

Foosball, Pool Table, and Ping Pong

We provide many lounge games on campus to help students unwind.

Microwaves and Kettles

For hot food on the go.