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Green Shield Student Coverage

Following a successful referendum of members, the students’ union implemented a comprehensive and mandatory extended health and dental benefits plan for full-time students. Like other plans at universities and colleges around the country, our plan provides extended coverage for prescription drugs, paramedical services, and dental work, along with travel insurance, accidental death and dismemberment coverage, legal assistance plan  and other coverage tailored to students.


If a student has been assessed coverage, they will need to register on the Green Shield Website to make claims, get direct deposit, and student discounts.  You will have coverage for 12 months, which begins the first of the month that your course starts.  You will need to register with Green Shield to use the benefits.  See below for more detailed instructions.

The cost of coverage is $279.00 for 12 months.

Student with disabilities, meeting full time requirements, that have not been assessed  the coverage and are wanting it, please contact SCSU.

If you are wanting to add a dependent/s to your coverage, it can be done for an additional fee.  An additional $244.00 to add one dependent.  An additional $415.00 to add two or more dependents.

Please contact SCSU to get the enrollment form to add dependents, as it must be done by the end of the month your course starts.


With proof of existing extended health and dental insurance, a student can choose to opt-out of the students’ union service plan.  You have until the end of the month that your course starts to opt out.  MSP is NOT extended health and dental coverage. For Opt-out information please visit  your local SCSU office. Opt-Out forms are available in office or by clicking the link below under “Forms”. Online opt-out is available only for students starting in September and January. This can be done on the Green Shield Website.   If not done properly, and on time, you will have the coverage and fees associated with the coverage.  It is your responsibility to check your Selkirk College account at the end of the month your course began to confirm you have opted out.  Once you have opted out, you are permanently opted out for the rest of your Selkirk College career.

If you have questions, contact the students’ union office at 250-365-1262, or Green Shield Student Centre 1-888-711-1119.  You can also email

Check out the Green Shield Canada App:


How to: Register and Make Claims

Opt-Out Step by Step Instructions

Opt out form

Enrollment form

Plan Details

Green Shield Coverage Booklet